matt green“I'd been working in a restaurant for 3 or 4 years by the time I decided to go to college, and I chose Northampton College because it had a good reputation for cooking compared to other local colleges. My time at the college was great. I got to use new equipment and learn a lot of new skills, whilst making some great friends in the process.

“Studying at the college gave me a great foundation on which to build my career. The tutors were fantastic and I'll always be grateful for the things I learned with them. Restaurants and hotels provide experience that can't be easily replicated but they aren't always the most professional work environments. In that sense the College really set the standard for professionalism and work ethic. It also opens your eyes to the myriad possibilities within the food industry. As a result I've worked at some of the best restaurants in the world in a variety of job roles.

“I now own my own business called Explore Chocolate. We source cocoa beans from around the world and turn them into chocolate bars and confections, whilst teaching courses for everyone from four-year-old children to industry professionals.

“I'd recommend Northampton College to anyone who is serious about working in the food industry. Having recently been in the kitchens there for a charity event, the place has been completely rebuilt since I studied and they have a spectacular set up. Two of the most influential tutors on my success are still there in management roles and continue to set a high standard for the students. I'm looking forward to collaborating with the College further in the future.”


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