Last review: 1 March 2021

From Monday, 8 March, we expect all students to follow a blended learning model, with the exception of students unable to attend college in-person due to self-isolation requirements.

Online lessons will be delivered using a variety of digital platforms, including but not limited to:

  • Moodle
  • Google Classroom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Century Tech (for GCSE maths and English students)

Both parts of our blended programme are equally important - if you don’t attend the online lessons, you’ll be missing out on a large part of the syllabus. Equally, if you’re studying English and maths, you will need to attend all these lessons (both the face-to-face and remote strands) to ensure you pass these vital qualifications.

Lesson delivery and technology

You must have the appropriate equipment for all online lessons - this includes a laptop or equivalent device, webcam, microphone and access to the internet.

As a reminder, we expect you to have your camera and microphone on for the duration of your online lesson. Taking part in lessons on your phone is not appropriate as it does not provide a good enough learning experience.

Some students may not want to show their home environment on camera. If that’s the case, please choose a virtual background instead.

We understand that not everyone has access to a laptop and reliable Wi-Fi, and have invested heavily in technology to support these students. Please get in touch with Student Services if you don’t have access to the right equipment.

Practical lessons and training

Where students are undertaking a course involving practical teaching, training and assessment, it may be possible for teachers to bring in small groups of students in addition to their timetabled lessons, but this will be subject to approval.

Century Tech

The College has invested in specialist software called Century Tech to assist students studying maths and English with remote learning and independent study.

The software helps teachers to monitor progress and identify knowledge gaps so that they can adapt lessons and feedback accordingly.

Maths and English GCSE students have 1.5 hours of timetabled study to complete each week using Century Tech.

The work students complete on Century Tech is extremely important and the completion of this work is being monitored. If there is no consistent record of engagement/activity on Century Tech, this will significantly weaken our ability to evidence your progress.

Expectations of students

We would like to remind you about the importance of good attendance and punctuality, which as a college, we take very seriously. Missing any online lessons will make it difficult to catch up. You are far more likely to succeed in your chosen course when you attend college consistently.

You need to do all you can to ensure that the teachers can see your work and progress to help them decide your final grade. There will be strict guidelines on this so give yourself the best chance, do as much as you can and ask for help if you need it.

We expect each student to aim for 100% attendance in all lessons, including those online.

Progress will be monitored on a BRAG profile:

  • Blue – working above targets
  • Red – working well below targets
  • Amber – working below targets
  • Green- working at targets

Students that attend online lessons consistently are far more likely to be making expected progress and succeed in their chosen course.

Attendance and engagement

We monitor students’ attendance and engagement in all lessons, including those online.

If we have any concerns about a students’ attendance and engagement, we will make them aware through phone and email. If a student is under 19, we will also let their parent/carer know that we have concerns.

Feedback and assessment

Students will continue to complete formal assessments as scheduled wherever possible; these may take different forms for example: reports, projects, online tests or presentations. Teachers will advise on how these assessments should be submitted for marking and feedback.

Students are also likely to be asked to complete in-class work or independent study as part of their learning, this may be individual or group work. These activities should be completed in a timely manner and submitted to teachers electronically if requested. Students will receive written feedback on their formal assessments in an electronic format.

Feedback on in-class work or independent study will be given regularly and may be verbal or written (electronic), individual, to small groups or the whole class as appropriate.

Additional Support Needs

Students with additional support needs are able to access the remote strands of our blended learning model in line with existing support plans.


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