The following represent the minimum standard of behaviour expected in all college buildings and on college business.

Staff Behaviours

  • To adopt professional, moderate and respectful demeanour in language and working relationships
  • To be punctual and properly prepared for classes and meetings
  • To adopt ambassadorial role by attending College events, promoting the College in good light at every opportunity, positively seeking opportunities to contribute to the College's reputation
  • To challenge inappropriate or unacceptable behaviours
  • To wear ID at all times - College to provide STAFF Lanyard
  • To wear appropriate dress - Should be 'smart casual' as minimum, appropriate to setting.

Student Behaviours

  • To be punctual and properly prepared for classes
  • To wear appropriate dress - no caps or hoods or clothing obscuring the face. Protective clothes worn only in work areas
  • To wear ID at all times - College to provide STUDENT Lanyard
  • To speak to one another and staff calmly and politely, avoiding words and actions that may be interpreted as abusive, offensive or threatening
  • To desist from inappropriate or unacceptable behaviours, including congregation in corridors and doorways and creating noise that intrudes on others
  • To challenge or bring to staff's attention unacceptable behaviour
  • To engage with the College (e.g. through listen to learner forums) and be positive about it
  • To switch off mobile phones in class/lessons

For more information on student behaviours, click here to view our Expectations leaflet.


  • All notices on official notice boards
  • Tidiness, cleaning up after self/others
  • No gum - no smoking
  • No sitting on floor, desks, tables - use furniture appropriately
  • No hot food outside cafeteria
  • Any food and drink restricted to appropriate areas - not in corridors, classrooms, LRC etc
  • Classrooms returned to original state after lessons
  • No litter
  • Parking only in designated areas


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