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By Matthew Cox on 7 June 2018

The last time I wrote a blog piece I was just beginning the work experience I was given and even though I was excited I was also very nervous for what lay ahead. I had so many questions circling in my mind beforehand about the world of work but four weeks on from my first day of having a taste of working life I am now knowledgeable on what it will be like for the future.

When I first started college, unlike many of my friends, I hadn’t completed any work experience or had any part time work in the summer holidays so I felt at a slight disadvantage to them as they already had an inkling of what working was like.

Overthinking and worrying made me feel doubtful about wanting to go straight into work after revising tirelessly to do the best I could in my GCSEs.

My view on the working world is very different now to what it was a year ago. Social media posts and “Word of Mouth” painted a sorrowful and bleak picture in my mind, was it really true that everybody was unhappy about going to work and why is it such a bad thing? I was very narrow-minded and should have thought outside of the generalised box.

But now, after having my first slice of experience in the working world my view has drastically changed for the better.

I am now approaching the end of my work experience and I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to work somewhere I could thrive and be successful. I have been given a range of tricky tasks and managed to come out of them feeling as though I have conquered them all.

I thought that when coming into a department such as this I wouldn’t be welcomed and would have to figure out what to do on my own but actually I have felt like I am part of the team. There is always help when I need it if I become stuck on a particular task and that has really encouraged me to do well both when working and completing my college course.

How I feel now is very different to what I thought I would feel like a year ago. I come out of a day feeling happy, feeling as though I have achieved many things and overall I really enjoy what I am doing.

It just goes to show that if you are working in a role that you enjoy then it can really boost your morale, confidence and happiness.


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